Saturday, January 1, 2011

Another Year

We spent the last of 2010 having fun with family in El Paso! My sister-in-law's dad took us to Scenic Drive so we could see the beautiful lights.
On the second day of our stay we took the kids to a small town called San Elizario to visit the Licon Dairy. While there Elizabeth and her cousin Richard played and we ate some of the best cheese I have ever had; Queso Asadero.
On the evening of our last day in El Paso it rained and then snowed. The roads in town were clear but driving through the mountains was a little scary since the roads there were covered in ice.
During our stay in El Paso Pat and his brother Barry decided to make a miniature movie. It's just under 1-minute but took over 7 hours to create from start to finish.
Happy New Year!


Pat aka Posh said...

The movie was just too cute..
Your sister liked it too.

Helen Ruth said...

That was a fun movie. Did Pat go with you?

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