Thursday, March 10, 2011

Eyeglass Case Tutorial

I have been wanting an eyeglass case for my sunglasses and since I did not have a pattern I created my own using the case that holds my reading glasses as a guide.
I began by placing the sunglasses on a piece of muslin and folding over the fabric to get an idea of how much fabric was needed.
Once the size was determined I cut my square slightly larger.
This square was then used as a pattern to cut my printed fabric;
And the quilt batting.
The muslin goes on the bottom and will become the inside of the eyeglass case; the batting is second and used for padding; and the printed fabric goes on top for the outside of the eyeglass case. These three layer are then pinned together.
Using my walking foot I stitched vertical lines through all three layers.
Once the quilting was finished I then trimmed the outer edges.
I wanted to add the little dip at the top of the eyeglass case so I folded my square in half and snipped off one corner and then curved the other corner.
For my binding I found a red fabric with small white polka dots. This fabric was cut into a 2-inch strip;
And then folded, pinned and pressed.
The hardest part of the eyeglass case was maneuvering the binding around the curve and catching the two layers of the folded edge together; go slow and be sure to keep your needle in the down position.
Continue sewing down the side and across the bottom.
Once the binding is on the eyeglass case is finished.
The sunglasses are well protected inside the case;
And I no longer have to worry about my sunglasses getting scratched.


Packrat said...

Thanks for sharing this. The case turned out so cute!

Helen Ruth said...

Love that case, and that monkey fabric! Thought of making any of these for your Etsy account?

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