Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Ultimate Bargain

I recently stumbled upon a used sewing machine at the thrift store. The cost?A whopping $9.48 with a note "Needs Works". Well, sometimes a machine needs work and sometimes it's just operator error; especially with computerized machines. So, after a little thought I decided to take a chance and see what would happen.
Normally I just look and pass up used machines because I already have a collection of machines that I use when I teach sewing classes. But this machine had two features that caught my attention; 1) it was computerized and 2) it offered a nice selection of stitches.
My next thought was "can I re-sell it and make a profit"? Yes, I felt it was possible to re-sell and make a nice profit.
After getting the machine home and setting it up I quickly learned the "problem" was indeed user error! The machine works beautifully, is smooth and quiet and in perfect shape. It even came with a book and a few accessories!

Instead of re-selling the machine I have decided it would be the perfect starter machine for Elizabeth. It has a speed control, which is so important when first learning, and the simple push button controls will make it easy for her to operate.


Enid said...

Ohh my word that is just awsome!! Beautiful stitches!

Anonymous said...

I'm so jealous!!! you find all the best goodies but since its going to be Elizabeth's then I'm glad you found it.

Packrat said...

Amen to Enid's comment. Wow, what a bargain!

Ann said...

WOW!! Nice find. And I was thinking the same thing, a great machine for Elizabeth. We think to much alike. :)

Helen Ruth said...

WOW! What a great deal! Love that machine. Good for Elizabeth!

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