Thursday, April 21, 2011

Cool Weather Days

Some unexpected cool weather has made it possible to bake without heating up the house. First on the list...lemon cake. The actual cake is a mix but the icing is homemade. I did a search, collected ideas, and then made up a recipe.

Melt some margarine in a pan; pour in a dab of vanilla; a couple squirts of lemon juice and some powder sugar. Stir until smooth; adding milk and more powdered sugar until it looks and taste right. Yummy, the icing was so incredible!

Second on the list was bread. I began with bread sticks;And ended with a giant loaf of bread. I truly love cool weather days!


Packrat said...

Oh, You! lol Looks wonderful. Homemade, right out of the oven, bread is one of my major weaknesses.

Cool days. sigh. We'd like some warm days.

Pat aka Posh said...

Yummy!! Icing was on sale this week and I was tempted because of the ease of using it.. then I reminded myself that mine always taste better :-)

Helen Ruth said...

I LOVE lemon cake! Boy, this is making me hungry! We're having an unexpected cool day today too (in the 80's) but mainly pushing close to 100 the rest of the week. I'm enjoying the cool, but Pamela keeps begging to bake homemade cookies. I keep telling her no, because I spent a small fortune on Easter chocolate clearance! Too much sweets in the house! :)

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