Saturday, April 2, 2011

Summer Planning

Camping is in our plans for summer so I have been looking at small bumper pull trailers, conversion vans and tents.When you buy a used tent there is always the chance something will be missing.
Something like the rain guard. But with no rain guard we will have a clear view of the stars.
The shape is a bit odd. It's narrow on the back end;
And normal on the front.
But the whole tent cost me 10-bucks; which I thought was a good price.


Enid said...

Happy trails friends, happy trails!

Anonymous said...

Your dad said it wasn't the first tent he saw in that shape.. that either a person can sleep in the narrow part or store your baggage.. also he said to tell you that was a real bargain for $10 considering the brand and that tents come all kind of weird shapes.
Also he said it wouldn't be hard to make a rain cover for it.. Pat certainly has the machinery to do so.. enjoy!!

Helen Ruth said...

Wow, that is definitely a strange shaped tent! Will this be what you bring to our camping trip in May? I sent you an email. We're inviting lots of family!

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