Monday, May 9, 2011

A Little Here and a Little There

Elizabeth wanted to make a gift for her cousin; so as time allowed she began working a little here and a little there.First she chose two colors, pink and purple and then she began marking and cutting them into squares.

Next she slowly stitched the squares into a pleasing design.

Once the front was finished she cut a back and stitched around the outer edges.

After stuffing it was time to stitch, by hand, the opening closed.

And "presto" a pretty little pillow made by a pretty little girl. I love how Elizabeth always wants to do something special for others.


Ann said...

GREAT job, Elizabeth! That's a very pretty pillow. I'm sure your cousin will love it.

Anonymous said...

That is cute.. she really is getting into sewing isn't she? as Martha would say " its a good thing" :)

Packrat said...

Such a great gift! Miss Elizabeth, you are learning a wonderful skill.

Gina said...

Cute! What a wonderful first sewing project!

Atif said...

that is very pretty pillow,such a fantastic gift.

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Anonymous said...

She's just like her mommy who is always making special things for people.

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