Sunday, May 29, 2011

Something Old Turned New

Sometime last year we had a friend sell us an old incubator. I wasn't too sure it could be fixed or even fixed up.

Thankfully Pat is good at restoring things.

We had to order a few replacement parts in order to have a working unit; thank goodness for the Internet.

On Saturday we noticed the eggs began hatching;

Which is good since every one of our chickens have been killed over the past few months.

Between the dogs, the coyotes and I think a bobcat, our poor hens didn't have a chance!

Thankfully we were able to buy some fertile eggs and can now begin replacing our flock.


Enid said...

I am sorry about the hens, but oh my word look at those babies!! How awsome!!

Anonymous said...

I'm jealous :)

Packrat said...

That is too bad about your chickens. The babies are so cute. (But then they have to grow up. lol) Do you have a safe place for them, now?

It is great that you have a husband that can (and will) fix things.

Helen Ruth said...

Love that incubator! Sometimes I wish we kept our chickens, then other days, I'm glad we didn't. Mainly when it rained it was a hassle to collect eggs, but since it hasn't rained in months, we forget about that hassle! :)

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