Monday, June 20, 2011

Another Summer Trip

Earlier this month we hit the road and headed to Ft. Worth. First on our list of activities was the Bureau of Engraving and Printing. No cameras or cell phones were allowed in the building so I wasn't able to take any photos. While on the tour we saw stacks and stacks of money and learned how money is designed and printed. This place was amazing and totally free!
While in Ft. Worth we visited The Botanical Gardens, another free activity. We went early while it was cool outside.

The flowers were so lovely and full of rich colors.

And the trees were so magnificent.

As we approached the rose garden the air was filled with sweet perfume.

The zoo was on our list of activities and while it wasn't free we did go on half price day!

Thanks to a very friendly volunteer, at the pioneer museum, we learned about a small train that you could ride for less than 3-dollars per person.

The ride lasted for about 40-minutes and followed the edge of a river and through a very beautiful park.

On the day we wanted to visit the museums I didn't want to drive and park downtown so we took the bus. The inconvenience of waiting for a bus was so much better than driving through all the traffic.

Along with visiting the museums we also checked out the Stockyards.

While we watched the daily cattle drive I was expecting to see hundreds of cows and real cowboys, but everything in the stockyards was just for "show".

Each evening after our daily activities we cooled off in the pool at our hotel. Ft. Worth is a nice place to visit. I loved being able to get away without spending a lot of money.

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Anonymous said...

About time you got the the pic's up :)
Glad you two had fun.

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