Saturday, July 23, 2011

Granola Bars

Elizabeth has been so anxious to learn to cook but I tend to say "I don't have time" too often. To solve this problem I have begun letting her make simple recipes when I am busy elsewhere. In my recent coupon magazine I found a recipe for homemade granola bars that looked pretty simple to make.

While I was busy in the sewing room Elizabeth took over the kitchen; all in all she spent about an hour and a half preparing them for the oven.

Elizabeth did a great job, all I had to do was answer questions and remind her to measure in a separate bowl before adding ingredients to the mixing bowl. She was scared when measuring the liquid ingredients and had me stand nearby to watch!

How did the granola bars taste? Well, they were good but not very sweet; so we dipped them in honey!


Bethany said...

They look great!

Packrat said...

Goodness! The chicks are sure getting big.

Hooray for Elizabeth. She'll be a pro in the kitchen in no time.

Anonymous said...

Oh yum.. they sure look good to me..
I'm going to make rice crispie bars this week.. that's something easy for her to make too.

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