Thursday, September 1, 2011

Last Minute Sewing

Our homeschool co-op group begins bright and early tomorrow. This year I will be teaching 2 toy making classes where we will be working with sanding wood and painting wood. Both tasks can get messy so I whipped up 15 child size aprons for the kids to wear during class. It took me two days to complete all of them.
One of Elizabeth's co-op classes will be an American Girl class. The girls will be bringing their dolls to class and Elizabeth requested I make her doll a poodle skirt.

I had so much trouble while making this outfit. My first mistake was cutting out the wrong skirt pattern (and having to go buy more fabric) and it went down hill from there. Thankfully I was finally able to make the outfit good enough to use.

Elizabeth thinks it's perfect so as long as she is happy I'm happy!


Packrat said...

You have been busy! The aprons are cute, but poodle skirt turned out really great. If there is a problem, I can't see it. What will the American Girls class be about? History?

SchneiderPeeps said...

We start our co-op next week. The kids are so excited! Can you share what kind of toys you guys are making. That might be a fun class for us to have next year.

I love the skirt. I'm sure my daughter will want one now :).

Enid said...

Amzing Woman...the kids looks so adorable!!

Belinda said...

Wow Patty....'15' aprons??? You are soooo creative...they look pretty cute!!!

Woo Hoo...amazing poodle skirt too!!

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