Saturday, February 4, 2012

Andouille Sausage

Several months ago my mom made some Andouille Sausage. It looked amazing so when we visited her last month I asked mom to make more of the sausage. I was hooked; it was the absolute best sausage ever!
My mom uses pork butt but I used pork ribs that were on sale for 97-cents per pound and chose the fattiest package.

After cutting the meat off the bones I then sliced it into long strips.

The recipe is very simple. I decided to take a picture of it instead of typing it all out. I also used 2 tablespoons salt instead of 3 tablespoons.

After gathering all my spices I measured them out into a bowl.

When I first began to measure out all the ingredients I was afraid there was going to be too much garlic. But it was just right.

After mixing the spices well, I sprinkled them onto my meat and let it marinate in the fridge overnight before grinding it; this way the spices had time to soak into the meat.

I had intended to make my sausage into links but the butcher was out of casings so my mom suggested making the sausage into balls.

The sausage balls were put into the smoker box, which is attached to the bar-b-que grill, and allowed to slow cook while I was cooking other meats on the grill.

When the sausage balls were finished I was more than pleased; they were tasty and full of flavor. I think adding these to soup would be good or even making a sausage meatball sandwich. Yum, I am so excited about making homemade sausage!


Pat aka Posh said...

I took a close up look at your thyme and it is definitely a bit courser ground then what I use.. try running it through a blender or even a coffee grinder if you have one.. that should make a big difference...

SchneiderPeeps said...

These look so good! We make a sausage, kale and potato soup that these would be very yummy in. We have a whole freezer of venison and wild hog (that was fed corn for a while) waiting to be turned into sausage.

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