Saturday, February 18, 2012

Don't Count Your Chickens Before They Hatch

Out of 7-dozen eggs, we only hatched 4 chicks; and one of those chicks may die.
Not sure why we got such a small hatching, I know the eggs were fertile. Several chicks didn't even make it out of their shell.

Pat built a wonderful brooder box for the baby chicks. It has three drawers, a heater and a place on top for a lamp to sit.

Maybe the next hatching will yield enough chicks to fill all three drawers!


Anonymous said...

That's a shame..

Helen Ruth said...

Now were these eggs that you hatched from your own hens? How disappointing. I lost my first chickling from our last batch. She was a Cochan frizzle too, but sooo tiny that the other chicks trampled on her. I've considered letting my ducks hatch their own eggs and selling. But of course, the duck comes before the egg, and they're not laying YET!

Enid said...

Hey, but that is much better than us. Awww so pretty!!

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