Thursday, July 26, 2012

Sundresses for Elizabeth

Elizabeth has been asking me to make her some dresses. So when I stumbled upon some clearance fabric at Wal-Mart I was pretty excited; not just because the fabric would make some inexpensive dresses but also because my mom used to make dresses like these for us girls when we were little.
 My favorite is this red dress. I just love the big flowers and ladybugs.
 For the straps I used some of the same fabric trimmed from the side. In order to hide where the strap was stitched I added a button, it worked just fine. 
 I also accented the bottom in white ric rac.
 This yellow dress is Elizabeth's favorite. It's covered in bumble bees and polka dots.
 This time I used some solid black fabric for the straps and once again used a button to hide the stitching.
 The bottom of this dress was accented with yellow ric rac.
The third dress is our least favorite. It may be because it only has flowers instead of  insects.  
I used a coordinating pink fabric for the straps and again used a button. Even though all the buttons are being used to hide the stitching I actually like how they look on each dress. 
The only ric rac that even came close to working with this dress was green. In person it looks really good. 
Now Elizabeth is set with three new dresses. The fabric was on clearance for $2 per yard and it took 3/4 of a yard for one dress; which comes out to $1.50 each.


Bethany said...


Packrat said...

Totally awesome! (thanks for the word, Bethany) Isn't it funny how styles come back around? Can't beat these.

Anonymous said...

They sure do bring back memories.. I personally like all three dresses.

Rachel E. said...

Adorable dresses! They look easy to make too.

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