Friday, August 24, 2012

A Before...During...and After

Recently we made time to focus on two large dead trees that needed to be cut down before a branch fell on someone.
I was both relieved and sad to see the trees go. 
 We now have a very big empty space where the trees once stood.
And two nice stacks of logs to be used in the future.
I'm dreaming of roasting marshmallows in the fireplace.


Rachel E. said...

That is a great resource. We have an old tree, but it still has some life in it. Problem is, we don't have a wood burning fireplace. Though, I must say, the thought of an outdoor pit sounds amazingly fun! Smores and marshmallows...

Helen Ruth said...

I love that woodpile! I guess the "free" wood I've been getting off Craigslist is disappearing. I got mine in the heat of July when most aren't thinking of fireplaces! So glad I got it when I did. You're fortunate to have those resources, but then again, you need all the trees you can get in that area.

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