Monday, August 27, 2012

What We Have Growing in the Flower Beds

 We didn't have time this year for a garden but I wanted to plant at least a few favorites. Fresh pumpkin was on the top of my list so I could make pumpkin bread.
I was very late planting our few pumpkin plants so I am hoping there is enough time for them to ripen.
 We love fresh cucumbers as much as fresh tomatoes.
 Thankfully our cucumber plants didn't die like the tomato plants did.
I sure missed my garden this year, hopefully next year we will have a nice one.


SchneiderPeeps said...

Your plants look great! We planted our pumpkins a little too early and harvested them in July. I can't seem to ever get the timing right for pumpkins.

Rachel E. said...

Even a little bit of a garden is better than nothing. I am contemplating a bit of one. Your plants look healthy, that's a plus.

Anonymous said...

Save a cuke for me :)

Helen Ruth said...

We had a bountiful year for cucumbers, but I have never planted pumpkins. As for watermelon, well... we got a few. I need more yard space!

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