Thursday, October 4, 2012

To See...To Ponder...To Buy

 I always look at the dishes when I visit the thrift store, but seldom do I buy any of them. However, this week I caved and bought some lovely dessert bowls.
I couldn't resist, they are so pretty. I paid $6 for 8 dessert cups. This was a bit more than I like to pay but it has been years since I have seen any dessert cups like these.
Elizabeth wanted to make some jello to try them out.
And I must say, the jello tasted better being served in such a pretty little dish.


Rachel E. said...

They are beautiful! I would have paid that price too. They are not something you find every day. Good buy!

Anonymous said...

I haven't saw any of those in years.. Love them!!!

SchneiderPeeps said...

I love them! I always look too, but seldom find things that I'm already looking for.

Packrat said...

The dishes are so pretty. It is worth it to fancy things up a bit.

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