Thursday, January 17, 2013

Quilting Tips

As I have been working on my quilt club quilt my mind has been focused on all the work that is needed to complete this project.
Pinning a quilt is very hard on your knees and back if you are working on a project larger than a toddler size quilt. So to help relieve some of the aches I like to put my cutting boards on our king size bed; it works very well and feels like you are working on a large table.
 I read on the internet if you use a crochet hook to help close your safety pins it will ease the sore fingers you generally get after closing hundreds of pins.
And yes, a crochet hook works very well, once you get the hang of using one.
My quilt is almost finished and I'm excited we will be able to use it during the cold weather!

1 comment:

Packrat said...

Your quilt is so pretty! Thanks for the tips. :)

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