Monday, March 18, 2013

A Small Organizing Project

There is a drawback to bargain shopping...clutter! It seems that each time I find a good deal on food or paper goods I always end up having trouble finding a place to store it as well as keeping it all organized. Nothing is a bargain if you forget to use it up before your item expires.
Our water heater is located in a very small closet like room. There is plenty of extra space in this room which works well as a second pantry....but I needed to find a better way to use this space without it looking cluttered.
My solution was to invest in a small shelf unit. It's nothing fancy, and it's made of plastic, but the large spacious shelves are perfect for keeping my pantry items separated and organized.
It always amazes me how an organized home has such a calming effect on everyone, especially me :O)


Rachel E. said...

I totally agree with you. My kitchen is short of storage space. My grain buckets are floating all over the place. I like them in the kitchen because it's ease of use, but I have to have a cupboard or something to put them in. I guess I really need to look around.

Anonymous said...

Great job Patty, it looks great in there and for sure you can now find whatever you need.

Angi Schneider said...

It looks great. An organized home really does have a calming effect. Since we turned our mudroom/pantry into a bedroom I have some of my kitchen stuff in the garage on shelves like yours. It works pretty good and keeps me from having everything in the kitchen.

Helen Ruth said...

That looks really nice! I SOOO need to tackle some of my own closets. Is that wheat in the buckets?

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