Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Bargain Hunting

My favorite pastime is bargain hunting. It's so addicting and often I have to restrain myself in order to keep from buying too much; which isn't always easy.
All winter I have been watching our local Craig's List for a folding screen to use in front of the fireplace. Most of the local screens were either the wrong style or the price was too high. Recently, while visiting my sister, I checked out the Austin area Craig's List. And just look at what I found; not only the screen but a complete tool set as well. All this for the bargain price of $20 buck!  
 As Elizabeth gets older our stash of school books just keep growing. In order to keep everything in one central location I started looking for a desk that was larger than a typical school desk. Again using our local Craig's List I located a heavy table that at one time was used by the local college. I paid $10 buck and it has been worth every penny.
 This next bargain was found by Jonathan. At a recent book sale Jonathan purchased this paperback book for 50-cents.
A couple of weeks later, when he started reading the book, he found two twenty dollar bills tucked into the back of the book. He takes after me, such a natural bargain hunter!


Rachel E. said...

I wish I could find book with a money stash in the back. Cool!

Packrat said...

Wow. Super great bargains! Love the fireplace screen. So classic.

Anonymous said...

I love your fireplace screen!!! and tools too.. what a bargain.
Lucky Jonathan.. that is the neatest.. I've found a lot of things in books but never real money.

Helen Ruth said...

Holy Moly! It pays to read! What a cool find!!

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