Thursday, August 8, 2013

Playing Little House

 Years ago I purchase this vintage butter churn at an antique store. During Thanksgiving and Christmas it's fun to bring out the churn to make butter that will be served at the meal.
 My kids have grown up churning butter so it surprised me when Elizabeth asked if she could churn some. This came about while she was reading Little House in the Big Woods; she thought it would be fun to follow along with the Ingalls family as they did their weekly chores. So last week I bought some heavy whipping cream for the big day; Thursday was when Ma would churn butter.
 It didn't take long, about 15-minutes, for the cream to change into butter.
 This morning I bake some whole wheat rolls to go with our supper; we will be using Elizabeth's butter to go with the bread.
 Of course Elizabeth didn't want to wait for supper so she had a roll with some of her butter right away.
 Along with our butter we now have some buttermilk.
This will be used for biscuits in the morning.

1 comment:

Angi Schneider said...

oh, yum. I've never seen a butter churn that looked like that, it's really cool. I have an old crock style churn. My kids love it. Your rolls look great, btw.

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