Sunday, December 22, 2013

Crochet Dishcloth

When it comes to crochet there is much to learn; especially how to read a pattern. Back in October I came across a simple dishcloth pattern that was easy to read and easy to understand. Before I knew what was happening I made a dishcloth that looked squared!
 My mind began thinking a mile a minute as I envisioned making homemade dishcloths for everyone on my Christmas List.
 I managed to make several dishcloths using cotton yarn I had in my stash. Sadly, I had a hard time finding a match in a coordinating solid color.
 When I discovered my local Wal-Mart store had a selection of variegated cotton yarn with matching solid yarn I bought some and got busy; but sadly I ran out of time.
Only three people on my Christmas List were gifted a handmade dishcloth set.
 Each set included one variegated dishcloth, one solid dishcloth, and a bottle of dish soap;
Which were then wrapped in a cloth drawstring bag made from a kitchen print fabric.
I guess all my mismatched dishcloths can be saved for next Christmas; which gives me a whole year to search for coordinating solid colors :o) 

1 comment:

A slice of Urban Living said...

lOVE the way you bagged them up

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