Monday, January 13, 2014

Quilt Club 2013

 In 2012 I joined a quilt club and made an amazing quilt; with colors I loved. Because the quilt club was so fun I joined again in 2013. After the first month I came very near to quitting the quilt club because I didn't like the fabric colors. But I stayed so I could continue learning from all the talented ladies who are a part of the club.
It was not fun sewing up all the crazy colors each month. 
Who in their right mind likes purple, orange and green? 
 Plus, most of the fabric prints were just as "crazy" as the colors. 
(The blue you see in the the photos is actually purple)
So I devised a plan to help take the focus off all the crazy colors; I made some "normal" looking applique blocks to coordinate with the regular blocks.
Earlier this month I started quilting my blocks.
I'm using the Quilt as You Go method.
By quilting each individual block I am able to add quilting details that are harder to do when working on a larger quilt.
It's been so easy to maneuver the 12-inch blocks.
I really love how my blocks are turning out; the texture is amazing.
For the back of each block I'm using a purple fabric with pink flowers.
I'm not sure how long it will take me to finish my 2013 quilt. 
Hopefully not long as I'm anxious to see how the completed quilt will look.


Patricia Tow said...

I agree the colors are not my choice but the designs are unique and I LOVE your quilting... can't wait to see the finished quilt.

Laura in IA said...

I actually like your colors together. You have also made it more lovely with your additional blocks. To me the quilted quilt is always more spectacular than the blocks. I'll be watching for the finished quilt too.

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