Friday, July 4, 2014

Decorating Flip Flops

To make a pair of decorated flip flops I started with a plain pair of shoes we already had; I believe these were 98-cents.
 Next I dug in my fabric stash and found exactly what was needed.
This dark blue star fabric was perfect for covering the straps.
I cut two pieces 2-inches wide plus the width of the fabric;
Serged one edge, tri-folded and ironed.
Starting in the middle I wrapped my fabric twice around the center;
And simply started wrapping each side, being careful to overlap the fabric in order to keep everything tight.
When I reached the end I cut off any extra fabric and stitched everything in place.
Here is how both shoes looked once all the straps were covered.
Next I cut petals from red fabric and stitched them together.
These were then gathered onto a long needle;
And formed into a flower.
I used 5 petals per flower.
For the center of my flower I cover a button.
This was stitched onto the flower and then the flower was stitched onto the flip flop.
I was very pleased with how nice the flip flops turned out.
Here is Elizabeth all ready for the July 4th parade.
What a fun and easy project!

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