Monday, April 14, 2008

Photo Memory Quilt

Last summer I got the bright idea to make Photo Memory Quilts for my family members. It took from June until December to teach myself how to copy photos onto fabric and how to machine quilt. Once I completed the quilts, six total, I was hooked on quilting! My sister-in-law asked me to make a Photo Memory Quilt for her. She e-mailed me several photos and I have been working on her quilt lately. She wanted a quilt with lots of colors that would go perfect in a boys room.
I added several machine appliques to the front. I used a car, a rocket, a pick-up, a dump truck, a sail boat, a train and a helicopter; all the things boy just love.
I have just about completed the quilt top, all I lack is adding a few words like "honk, beep, blast off and so on. It's going to be so perfect for a boy's room!

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