Wednesday, May 28, 2008

My New Kitchen Aid Mixer

Today I received a new Kitchen Aid Mixer. My older mixer is 15-years old and works just fine, but my husband decided I needed a more powerful one. Both mixers look just alike but one is a 325 watt and the other a 575 watt. What does one do with a new mixer? Why you make bread!
This evening, after the sun went down, I got busy and tried out my new toy. Elizabeth loves to use her play dishes when I cook so we made two miniature loaves just for her.
Yummy, the house smells so good. Breakfast will be homemade bread with homemade grape jelly.


Posh And Trendy said...

Yum!! the bread sure looks good.. I can almost smell it :)
I didn't know those mixers came in different watts.

Helen Ruth said...

Hmmmm... Pat's idea for you to buy ANOTHER mixer...

Sounds like he's hinting for more fresh bread!

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