Thursday, June 5, 2008

Embroidery Job

Today was a very busy day. I had a customer who needed 12 travel bags embroidered with first names. The bags came out very nice and I think my customer will be very pleased with them.
While I was busy working on the travel bags I also rearranged the living room in order to make space for a chair my mother-in-law gave me over the weekend. This chair is very comfortable and I am planning to sit in it for the rest of the evening!


Helen Ruth said...

Nice chair!

Uggh... those travel bags reminded me of those bags I had to carry while in Navy bootcamp.

But KEWL that you got to do the embroidery!!!

PS) Would you consider doing embroidery for the Austin Screenwriter's group? I'm looking for a cheaper and more quality alternative to our custom made tee shirts.

Patty said...

ooh love the chair. What a nice mom in law. The color is gourgeous and goes well with the area rug you have their. God Bless, the other Patty

Anonymous said...

My favorite color.. bet it is confortable.

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