Monday, June 2, 2008

Money Saving Tip

My husband is addicted to colas; he drinks them all day long and uses lots of ice. In the summer time I love to make and drink ice tea which means I use a lot of ice as well.
We looked into purchasing an ice machine but after seeing the prices I decided making ice in the ice cube trays was worth the little effort it took.
Working together my son and I can empty ice trays, refill them and bag up all the cubes in less than 10-minutes. When my freezer begins to get low I like to add ice to fill up the empty spaces plus when a freezer is full it wont run as often. In my area a 7-pound bag of ice sells for $1.19 so the savings is minimal but every little bit helps.


Anina said...

I saw your comment on my blog but it didn'tcome with an email address, so I just wanted to thank you for your wonderful advice.
We don't have CVS (well, not anywhere near me) but Walgreens and Rite Aid have given me stuff for free lately which is great!

Helen Ruth said...

That's a good idea to bag your own ice. I went snooping in your freezer and noticed you have corndogs. Yum!

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