Friday, August 1, 2008

Bedtime Routine

Every night before going to sleep Elizabeth has to have someone read to her. Currently we are reading the Little House Series of books. I wasn't sure she was old enough for such a long story because sometimes she didn't seem to pay attention. One evening I stopped reading the book and substituted a short story book with lots of pictures. Right away she wanted to know why I wasn't reading the Little House story; I guess she was listening better than I thought.
We have completed two of the books in the series and will begin with the third book tomorrow night. I am glad she enjoys the "Bigger Books", I think they are more fun to read.


Anonymous said...

That man on the first book looks like Pat :o)

I would enjoy those books too.

Texas Mom said...

That's cute that she wanted you to read from the BIGGER BOOK!

Pamela made me proud when we went to the mall. She spent most of her birthday money on BOOKS! I am so proud that she reads DAY AND NIGHT! She's a little bookworm.

I bet Elizabeth will be the same.

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