Saturday, August 2, 2008

Dress Up Fun

Next week I am taking the kids to visit Aunt Cathey. While out of town we are planning to visit the American Girl Store. I thought it would be fun for Elizabeth and her doll to match so I made these today.
I used a Pink Panther print for the tops and a coordinating plaid for the Capri's.
Elizabeth sure was excited!


Patty said...

Oh! so adorable. And that child is so photogenic. but now show us pics of hubby. We have only seen his back. Patty

Texas Mom said...


You'll probably turn some heads in the store -- parents wondering where THAT outfit is, so they can buy matching sets for their own daughters and nieces!

I'll post the AM stores on my site after I dig up the pictures.

PS) I thought it was a KIT doll that Elizabeth was bringing?

Anonymous said...

Very cute outfit Patty.. you're sneaky to not told me what you were making but the wait was worth it.

Rebekah said...

so adorable! It was totally my dream back when I was younger to have an outfit that matched my AG doll...what a fun treat for your daughter :)

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