Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Road Trip Day 3 & 4

On Saturday Aunt Cathey and Uncle Ed took us to their lake house.Uncle Ed took us out on his boat to look at the lake. Here Jonathan is sitting up at the front of the boat just behind Ren, his cousin.
Elizabeth sat in the back of the boat under the awning with me until I felt comfortable with her sitting up front.
Here is Elizabeth with Aunt Cathey.
The lake was so large and had the most beautiful houses with tall trees everywhere. Elizabeth wanted to swim some so Jonathan, Ren, Uncle Ed and Elizabeth played in middle of the lake. The water was surprisingly calm except for when another boat came passing by.
For dinner that evening Aunt Cathey grilled ribs. She boiled them before grilling making them very tender and juicy.
The day was so nice and very relaxing. On Sunday the wind was too high for going out on the boat so we all just sat around visiting until early evening when it was time to head back to the house so we could pack and get ready to leave on Monday morning.

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