Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Bargains Galore

Today, while in town for Elizabeth's dance class, I found several bargains. The first was this enamel dishpan; I paid 25-cents for it.
My next bargain was this quilt; I paid $3.61 for it.
There are several places that will need hand mending but I don't mind. (I think it's queen size)
While at the grocery store I scored very well using my coupons. All items seen here, minus one of the frozen pizzas, rang up $45.70; after my coupons my grand total was $17.65!
Now I'm off to begin mending the quilt.


belinda said...

I am really impressed at your frugal-ness Patty. I really like all the enamal ware.

I went through Acuff today on the way to Slaton today and wondered where you were....looks like you were hunting bargins!!

Melissa said...

You are amazing!! That quilt is beautiful!

Texas Mom said...

Great bargains! I especially like your bowl and quilt! I haven't done any yard salin' or thrift shoppin in a while -- tooo much of my own junk piling up! I need to SPRING CLEAN!

Anonymous said...

That pan will come in handy for many things from washing dishes to doing up bread dough..
Lots of nice food bargains there too.

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