Thursday, September 11, 2008

Homemade Vanilla

Several years ago I came across this recipe for homemade vanilla.

Clear vodka
vanilla beans

Simply cut a long slit into several vanilla beans and soak several months in vodka. I have found the vodka brand Crystal Palace to work the best and vanilla beans can be purchased very inexpensively on e-bay.
The longer the vanilla ages the stronger it becomes.


Texas Mom said...

How many bottles of vodka have you tried?

Anonymous said...

yum! vanilla flavored vodka :)

Texas Mom said...

I was thinking, vodka flavored vanilla! ;-)

((Patty, can you walk a straight line?))

Anonymous said...

You could make some killer fruit cakes with that stuff.

Texas Mom said...

Patty, have you ever made a fruit cake before?

Oh mom, don't suggest Patty be making fruit cakes. Don't they requre Bourbon or something like that? (People will get suspicious if they keep seeing Patty going into the liquor store!)

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