Saturday, September 13, 2008

My New Pincushion

This morning I made myself a new pincushion by following a tutorial on Crazy Mom Quilt's blog.The pincushion has been stuffed with cotton we picked from a field next to our house last year. The kids helped to remove all the seeds so the cotton would be soft enough to use.
The tutorial for making a pincushion was very simple but I made two changes; the first change was to add a felt bottom.
The second was to line the top of the pincushion with muslin so the outer fabric would be thicker.
I am pleased with how it came out.


Texas Mom said...

Nice pin cushion!

Where's the link to the blog that shows how to make one? I might make one for myself!

belinda said...

cute pin cushion Patty!!!

Anonymous said...

Cute pin cushion.. did you use a tuna can for the base?

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