Thursday, September 4, 2008

Storing Wheat

My family loves to eat fresh ground whole wheat bread. When we can, we buy our wheat in 50-pounds bags. In order to keep it fresh and bug free I repackage it in 1-gallon plastic zipper bags; by doing it this way it is easier to handle.After the bags are filled I label them so I don't grab the wrong wheat by mistake.
Next I store the wheat in the freezer until we are ready to use it.
When I am ready to bake bread I simply take out a bag and set it on the counter until it reaches room temperature.


Texas Mom said...

Do you have an electric grinder? How much does a 50lb bag cost?

Melissa said...

We are big wheat eaters at our house too. We like the white wheat. I do sometimes use the hard red, but not as much. I buy ours from our church's food storage. I can it in #10 cans and store the wheat that way in the garage. What kind of grinder do you use?

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