Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Fussy Cut Quilt Blocks

I spent today working on some fussy cut quilt blocks.My favorite is the fish in a bag.

I'm very pleased with all my blocks.


Anonymous said...

Those are so cute..
I find it very hard to toss even the smalles pieces of fabric that have pictures on it.. there's just so many ways you can use them.

belinda said...

this is going to be cute!

Texas Mom said...


At the shelter where I work, we have a closet full of lap quilts that people make/donate for the women/children that enter the shelter. It always humbles me when I hand a gorgeous quilt or stuffed animal to a child. Some show up with barely the clothes on their back. We also give them brand new beautiful fleece blankets (if no quilts) There's something about having your own personal blanket to keep and hug that makes the crisis seem less traumatic.

Your quilt reminded me of the children and their blankets. Are you still volunteering with the Ronald McDonald house?

QuiltedSimple said...

Oh I love the blocks. Can't wait to see them finished!

Rebekah said...

these are so cute! I love how you framed all of the pictures from your fabric. That Heather Ross stuff is so cute!

jacquie said...

totally all those the fussy cutting...this is going to be GREAT!

Fran said...

Love it, love it, love it! You've just given me another idea to add to the must do list. I also make 'care' quilts for our church and it warms my heart everytime I finish one and know that the person receiving it will love it as much as I do. We're always on the lookout to use up all our scraps, even the smallest ones, into beautiful quilts. So...this idea will deffinately show up in one or two of my next few care quilts.

Thanks for sharing with us.


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