Tuesday, October 21, 2008

My New Ironing Board Cover

In my sewing room I use a small table top ironing board for most of my sewing projects. This little ironing board takes up less room than the big ironing board and it gets used on a daily basis. Earlier this week the fabric cover, that I made last year, began tearing.Today I made another cover using ticking. I wanted to use a pretty fabric but it was too thin and I am hoping the ticking will hold up longer.

This new cover makes me think of a Christmas Candy cane.


Anonymous said...

It definately will last longer.. I had to make one for my big board but used a thick cotton. I don't care for the ones you buy, their never big enough.

Texas Mom said...

I need to replace the cover on my ironing board. Your ironing board looks so much nicer.

Ann said...

Patty, I've really enjoyed keeping up with your blog. I really need to update mine. I am off work today, so maybe I'll take some pictures as I sew and actually blog about quilting! I love Rani's quilt.

Fran said...

I just love the fabric you chose. It reminds me of Christmas and candy canes.


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