Friday, October 31, 2008

Our New Neighbors

Early this morning the little dogs woke us up with their barking. They discovered and cornered Mr. and Mrs. Skunk trying to secretly move in.While we were busy plugging up the very large holes, leftover from the August water problems, Mr. and Mrs. Skunk found a small hole and quickly dug enough to move in.
We weren't expecting any Halloween Scares until this evening! Now I must go buy some poison and prepare for the awful smell to soon come.


Anonymous said...

Oh my!! yuck! I don't envy you.

Texas Mom said...

Oh boy, boy oh boy.

What kind of poison can you use?

belinda said...

ooooooo patty....been there done this before with skunks down at my shop one time...and let me tell you...they are determined little might want to go over to teresa's has some good coupon getting links you might be interested in.......good luck with the vermon!!!

Adrienne said...

Isn't there someone you can call to remove them, like animal control, so they don't have to be killed? Just a thought.

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