Saturday, November 1, 2008

The Loot

Each year the kids have always collected a huge amount of candy by the time we are finished with Fall Festivals and Trick or Treating.

Here is Elizabeth after we got back home; she was so tired but wanted to stay up long enough to watch a Halloween episode of Roseanne. A tradition in our family is to let the kids eat "all they want" the day after Halloween and then the rest is put away to be enjoyed over the next few months. I usually slowly get rid of the extras by giving it away when the kids are not looking.


Texas Mom said...

We had 74 trick or treaters last night come to our door. I know, as we had counted out 80 bags to hand out, and only 6 are leftover. This morning, Pamela reminded me that NEXT MONTH is New Year's eve!!!

Anonymous said...

We have a huge bowl full of candy and we didn't even go trick or treating :)
All those after Holiday specials lets you buy all the good chocolate at half price.

Melissa said...

We do the same thing - all you can eat candy for the kids. Yeah, I do it too :)

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