Sunday, December 7, 2008

The Big Day

Today is the big day; Elizabeth is officially 7-years old!

We do not have birthday parties for the kids, instead we celebrate each birthday as a family. On the big day the birthday child gets to do whatever he or she wants to do. Sometimes we go to Mr. Gatti's, sometimes we go to a movie and sometimes we eat at a special restaurant. Elizabeth wanted to stay at home and watch TV all day. So, last week she began digging through our stash of movies collecting all that she wanted to watch.
For breakfast she requested pancakes; lunch will be Pizza Hut and supper will be leftovers.
Elizabeth wanted a shell for the cake with pink icing.
The birthday girl received several gifts and was very excited to receive a dance outfit for her American Girl doll.
Now Annie, the name given to her American Girl doll, has a new outfit.
Elizabeth really likes her new skirts but we will need to find coordinating shirts to go with them next week when we go to town.

Happy Birthday Elizabeth!


Ann said...

She looks like a very happy birthday girl! My "baby" has a birthday this month, too, but he'll be 22! Not a baby any more, huh? Why don't you make matching blouses for the skirts? I think a blouse made of the prints would be adorable with those skirts(IF you have enough of the prints left).

Texas Mom said...

Patty, how adorable! I love those skirts on Elizabeth. I wish I knew in advance that Elizabeth wanted to watch moves on HER DAY. I would had sent those American Girl movies to you sooner! I have 2 I'm sending you soon.

belinda said...


Anonymous said...

I lOVE that skirt on her.. it's so beautiful and it goes really well with her boots.
I'm going to try to give her a call later.

Fran said...

Happy Birthday Elizabeth. Your as pretty as your doll in that lovely skirt,and your big smile. It sounds like you had a wonderful day. Lots of loot
too:-) Next big loot day is only weeks away. Have fun...


Melissa said...

Elizabeth is such a beautiful little girl! I love her skirt and great job on her cake!

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