Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Dust Texas

Yesterday our weather was very nice until around 4:30 to 5:00 when the weatherman said a large sandstorm was blowing in.We went from normal to sandy in a matter of minutes as a large wall of blowing sand headed straight for us.
This is such typical weather; instead of calling us West Texas I think we should be called Dust Texas!


Texas Mom said...

I haven't forgotten those dust storms. Nor do I miss them. We did get the wind yesterday. At least it knocked a lot of leaves off the trees, so I could start raking.

belinda said...

yes...only in west texas can you get rain, snow, hail and a dust storm all in the same day!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow!! I remember those days and don't miss them either.
BTW I did check out your crocheted doll hat and it's really cute.. you did a great job on it.

Texas Mom said...

OH Patty! That's a wonderful idea on the crocheted hat! I'm going to sneak one for Pamela's dolls as a gift.

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