Friday, December 19, 2008

A Christmas Gift

This old armoire was given to me a few years ago by a friend. I had wanted to use it as a closet but there wasn't enough room inside it so I had been using it for storage. One day Pat and I were talking to a local antique dealer about selling it and during the conversation we decided to turn it into a gun cabinet for Jonathan. Pat took out all the old hardware and built the inside to house several guns.
He also built two drawers at the bottom to hold accessories.
Jonathan discovered the newly remodeled cabinet in the storeroom last night by mistake. We were hoping to keep it from him until Christmas day but it was just too big to hide.
It was easier to hide his gifts when he was younger!


belinda said...

what a good idea......very handy hubby!

Texas Mom said...

Nice gun cabinet. Ya'll stocking up on ammo before the prices go up?

Anonymous said...

I love it!!!
How clever of Pat.. it makes a beautiful gun cabinet.

Fran said...

Nice work Pat....couldn't have been easy and it looks fabulous. Can you lock that thing?
Merry Christmas ~~Fran...:c)

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