Thursday, December 18, 2008

More Christmas Goodies

Along with the other Christmas goodies I have already mentioned I like making peanut brittle; the recipe does not work in all microwaves so I am not able to share it. Fudge; the recipe is located on the Kraft Marshmallow Cream jar.
And party mix; the recipe is located on the Chex cereal box.
My packages are now all packed and shipped! It sure feels good to be done with most of the cooking now. (I say most because I will still need to make a few more items for local friends.)


Helen Ruth said...

Gosh, I bet your kitchen smells wonderful!!!

Anonymous said...

I can't wait for mine to arrive :)

Browndirtcottage said...

STOP IT PATTY!! much of this do you think we can take???.(LOL)...i tried your sweet roll recipe last night...not bad...hubby ate 4 this morning so i guess they are good...mine didn't 'look' as pretty as yours...i will use a different dough recipe next time too...i was making Foccacio bread and i just split it so i could try your recipe....all in all pretty easy...but practice makes perfect...i cut mine too thin too, but hubby said he liked them that way better....personally i like them like you made yours...thicker and poofy-er....thanks for sharing how to make them...i would eat at you or your moms house ANYTIME!!

Helen Ruth said...

Okay, thanks for the goodies! My waistline is ALL YOUR FAULT! If I can't squeeze through my front door, it's all YOUR FAULT!!

(((munch, munch!))

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