Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Pound Store

Locally we have a Goodwill store called "The Pound Store". This store is not a traditional thrift store where items are separated; instead items are placed in large boxes and put into rows.
The pound store is the only thrift store that hasn't been going up on their prices. So, finding bargains here is still possible as long as you do not mind digging around.
However, shopping at the pound store for a specific item, or a certain clothing size, is virtually impossible since each day the boxes hold different merchandise.
When I have time to kill I like going to the pound store just to look around and see if there are any hidden treasures. This week I stumbled upon an over sized wicker basket that is perfect for holding fruit.
This basket is roughly about 1 1/2-pounds; at the pound store non-clothing items sell for 65-cents per pound so this basket cost me about $1.
Clothing sells for 85-cents per pound; shirts average 50-cents each, jeans run about $1 per pair and coats tend to sell for around $2 to $3. Last year I found a very nice girl's coat for less than $2; it cost me more to have it dry cleaned than the actual cost of the coat.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing this pic.. I've always wondered what that store looked like.. its certainly clean and organized looking but I couldn't see myself digging through those boxes.. I'm a lazy shopper, I hate to dig through racks, boxes or even trying clothes on.. I'd rather have a tooth pulled them shop.
I know, I'm weird :)
That's a nice basket you found but then you always find neat stuff there.

Andrea R said...

this kind of store is my mom's idea of heaven. :)

Texas Mom said...

I would probably have a POUNDing headache trying to dig things out, and trying to untangle, but it's neat to see they have a store like this.

I remember the Goodwill in downtown Lubbock. Back when you could buy ANY book for 10 cents apiece! I owned 3 sets of encyclopedias back then. Had to sell'm all when we moved though.

Great price on your basket!

belinda said...

I've heard of these 'pound' stores...ok, Patty you are going to have to email me where this is....cute basket too!

Melissa said...

That's a great basket!

Fran said...

OOOhhhhhh...what a nice basket. This place is my kind of place, it looks like fun, just wear comfortable shoes and roll up your sleeves...*lol* I saw some items in there that would look very nice in a scrappy quilt..


Beth said...

Where is this store located?

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