Thursday, March 5, 2009

Bargain Entertainment

Last night on the news I heard about a book sale that was to begin today; so this morning Elizabeth and I headed to town! I found several books for me and one book for Elizabeth (I forgot to put her book in the photo).I spent $7 for my many, many hours of entertainment. In the past we used to go a lot to our local dollar theater for cheap entertainment but the last time we went it had gone up to $3 per ticket!


Anonymous said...

I'm always happy with books.. I'd rather read then watch a movie.
Looks like some real interesting reading there.

Melissa said...

I have read all those Beverly Lewis books and loved them all - enjoy! I have read a Jan Karon book, a long time ago, and enjoyed it too. I think it was At Home in Mitford? Maybe I should try another one of those. Good finds for sure!

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