Thursday, March 12, 2009

Sweet Smelling Bargain

Earlier in the week I found this treasure at the thrift store.The cost?....... A whopping $1.50
I checked out the Yankee Candle web site and was shocked at the retail prices!


christi said...

You find the BEST things at the thrift store. Yankee candles are the best. I have so many, my husband won't let me go to the store anymore. I did start recycling the wax, though, and am going to make new candles in the crockpot. The beauty of them, though, is they burn so evenly. You easily get 80 hours out of one candle. Have a great day, I love the strip quilt. christi

Anonymous said...

You always find such great bargains.. bet it smells wonderful.

QuiltedSimple said...

Those candles are yummy! What a find

Texas Mom said...

Yep, that candle would have cost around $15. I wait until Bed Bath Beyond comes out with coupons then cash them in for Yankee candles. I still have quite a stash at home, but it's starting to dwindle. Time to stock up again!

Melissa said...

I am SO jealous!! You really find the best bargains!

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