Monday, April 6, 2009

Cross Stitch

Last year, in May, Elizabeth began learning cross stitch. Her first completed project was an apple.Yesterday she completed a squirrel;
Which I turned into a mini-quilt.
Now that the squirrel is finished her newest project is a duck.
We have been slowly making mini-quilts to hang on Elizabeth's wall; the quilts so far consists of Elizabeth's cross stitch and my hand embroidery and patchwork.
So far we have 4 completed quilts; and I still need to turn the apple into a mini-quilt. This has been a slow but fun project.


Anonymous said...

She's doing a great job too..
I love the way you're making them into mini quilts.. she will treasure them forever.

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

I remember doing a cross stitch sampler in 4th grade. It was fun. I think I still have it somewhere.

Ann said...

Wow, what a great accomplishment for her! Great memories in the making, not to mention instilling the love of sewing and quilting in her. Way to go Elizabeth!

belinda said...

Hopefully you have created a cross stitching 'monster'! I used to stay up to all hours cross stitching.....thinking...just one more row and I'll go to bed....ok, just one more row..........
Your work is lovely Elizabeth...I hope you like it and continue!!

Texas Mom said...

Elizabeth's doing a great job and the quilt patches are perfect. She'll treasure these forever.

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