Saturday, May 2, 2009

Arts Festival

I took Elizabeth to the Arts Festival yesterday; it is the same Festival we used to take Jonathan to when he was younger.
Home Depot had a booth set up for small children. Each child was given an apron;
And a small wood kit for making a tool box. Elizabeth loved making her box.
The Festival has art work from local schools as well as large art work from adults.
This van is covered in brass figures. The owner drove it all the way from Arizona to display it at the Festival. He said cars would slow down on the highway, after passing him, to take a second look.
Along with brass figures the van is covered with money; it was everywhere!
When we finally got home from the Festival Elizabeth painted her toolbox.

She is going to use it for her paints.


Anonymous said...

Loved the pic's and the tool box.. she did a great job on it.

Texas Mom said...

What a fun day! Was the building kit free? HOW COOl on that car!! I bet nobody ever uses it for a GET AWAY car!! =)

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