Sunday, May 3, 2009

A Day of Baking

On Friday evening a cool wind began blowing; the beginning of a cool weather weekend. For me cool weather days are perfect for baking so bright and early on Saturday I turned on the oven and began with a batch of chocolate chip cookies. While the cookies were baking I made a large pot of chili.
And to go with the chili I made cheese rolls.
Now that I have a new system for storing bread I also made long loaves of bread.
I made a total of 2 long loaves wheat bread, 1 long loaf white bread, 1 small loaf wheat bread, 1 dozen wheat cheese rolls, and 1 dozen white cheese rolls. The cheese rolls are just the right size for a snack so everyone ate these throughout the day.
After I finished baking I made several bread bags out of muslin fabric.
These worked better than wrapping the bread in a tea towel;
And the fabric bag made it easier to slide the bread into a plastic bag.
I even put the leftover cheese rolls in a bread bag.
The bread was labeled and put into the freezer.

I went to bed exhausted but feeling very satisfied.


Ann said...

Busy Lady!! It all looks yummy! I baked bread Friday, and am going to make chili this afternoon, I think. Right now, we're just waiting for the baby to wake up so we can go visit Great Gma Helen in the nursing home.

Texas Mom said...

WOW!Everything looks so delicious and I'm EXHAUSTED reading about all that you did. No wonder you went to bed tired!! Now I'm HUNGRY!!!!!!!!!

Fran said...

Patty, everything looks so delicious. Congratulations on getting so much done.
I have a question...why do you put the bread in muslin bags before freezing it? I bake bread all the time and I've never seen this done before. Does it stop the bread from getting 'frost' on it while it's in the freezer, or does it just keep the bread fresher? I also noticed that you placed the loaves in plastic bags. Please tell...e-mail me at quilter'
I will look forward to hearing from you. OR... you could just answer my questions here. I check your blog almost daily, your's, your mom,s and your sister,s and all my favorites.
I've been pretty quiet these days I haven't quite been myself for awhile. I'm hoping that a long visit with my daughter will help raise my spirits. I hope to be up and running again by fall.


Anonymous said...

LOL Patty.. you're as bad as me when it comes to baking yourself into the ground.. but it's always worth it isn't it? The bread looks delicious.. I wonder if that long pan would fit in my roaster.. how long is it? and do you know which store sells those Wilton sized pans?
Your bread bags turned out real cute.. I plan to make several more myself. They are so handy.
I plan to be home all day so if you find time, give me a call.

QuiltedSimple said...

I really need a baking day - these all look so good!

Notjustnat said...

They are all look yummy. What luck kids to have a mom like you - Natima

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

I'd like to know more about using a muslin bread bag and how that works out. What is the advantage? I make bread all the time and would love to stock pile it in the freezer.

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