Friday, May 8, 2009

A Benefit of Buying Secondhand Items

Recently I purchased a heavy cast iron griddle at a garage sale for $3.50. After cleaning it up I made a batch of french toast on it. I liked being able to cook several slices of bread at one time but the middle of the griddle didn't get hot enough so I had to keep rotating the bread slices until each slice was evenly brown.
Next I made hamburger patties on the griddle...BIG MISTAKE; it was so messy!
If I had purchased the griddle new I would have wasted at least $30; it's a lot easier to deal with a $3.50 loss.


Anonymous said...

Yours looks totally different then mine but I'm surprised you weren't pleased with it. I use mine all the time and never have a messy problem.

Anonymous said...

I just thought of something.. save it for using out on the bbq qrill.. place it to one side for toasting buns and keeping meat hot while finishing up other things.

Ann said...

Thanks Patty! I've been thinking about these, too, but I had worried about the center not getting hot. Now I know! I like your mom's idea of using it on the grill, though! Would work well over a fire pit grate at the campgrounds, too.

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