Sunday, May 10, 2009

My Mom

All that I know I learned from my mom.
When we were growing up my mom was always home to cook our "made from scratch meals", to "sew us clothing", to make us "pick up rocks from the garden", to make us "close up the chickens at night".....
All that I know I learned from my mom; now I am always home to "make meals from scratch", to "sew clothing for the kids", to "work in the garden" and to "gather eggs".


Anonymous said...

Thank you Patty.. how sweet of you to post this.
I burst out laughing when you said "pick up rocks" LOL I don't think any of you kids will ever forget that chore :)

Texas Mom said...

Great tribute Patty! Whe're ya getting your old pictures? Especially some of the ones you used for the family quilt? I got some from the Family site, but hadn't seen these... SHARE!!!

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